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La La Land (2016)

Did La La Land have a happy ending or a sad one?

I would indeed call that one a happy ending. Have you seen Bicycle Thieves?

The film is about two people with big dreams: Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is a gifted musician who wants to open his own jazz club, and Mia (Emma Stone) is an actress who is struggling to make it in Hollywood.

The two fall in love, but do not end up together.

Instead, they follow their dreams, and make them come true at the expense of their relationship. In the end, they both are happy with their lives and still have admiration and respect towards each other. Besides, Damien Chazelle was kind enough to include a “What If?” scene for the hungry viewer, as well.

In the pursuit of dreams, what we usually see in real life is that most couples go their separate ways. So, for me this was not only a happy ending but also a realistic one.

“That’s what the ending is about: They’ll always have each other, they needed each other to get to this place, they’re better off for having known each other, and that to me is something that’s really satisfying” comments the producer Fred Berger on The Hollywood Reporter.

Couldn’t agree more.

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