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I am Cansu from Istanbul, Turkey. I am 25 and spending my days reading, writing and talking about films and the cinematic expression.

I have graduated from Boğaziçi University. While majoring in Economics, I completed the Film Studies Certificate Program, which is comparable to a minor degree. I was amazed by every aspect of the cinematic culture so I decided to become an academic in this field.

I base my writings mostly on my personal ideas and opinions, my interpretations of the stuff I learned during the lectures, during my internships, and on some readings.


  • I am a vegetarian, occasionally a vegan.
  • My flatmate is the coolest orange cat.
  • I do contemporary dance, crossfit, and practice yoga.
  • I am a CMAS 2* scuba diver.
  • I’ve been to 24 countries—and counting.

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